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Female Mutilation
is a book by Hilary Burrage about female genital mutilation (FGM), a harmful traditional practice which occurs in both ‘developing’ and ‘developed’ countries across the globe.  The book, published in early 2016 by New Holland Publishers, is available from bookstores and sellers everywhere, including via  / and at 30% discount from the Guardian bookstore.

Female Mutilation comprises largely the narratives of around seventy people in many parts of the world, some of them actually survivors of FGM or the family members of survivors.  Other contributors include globally distributed campaigners against the practice from many walks of life – community activists, clinicians (midwives, doctors etc), lawyers and the police, teachers, social workers, policy makers and politicians. In almost every part of the world FGM is now illegal, but it is thought nonetheless that over three million women and girls undergo it every year. Initial estimates for the early twenty-first century suggested there are around 140 – newly revised (2016) to 200 – million women and girls globally living with the consequences of genital mutilation, with perhaps another ten percent of those who have undergone it having actually died directly as a result of this violence.

Chapter 5 is about Iranian Campaign to end FGM
Female Mutilation (Chapter 5, Egypt, the Middle East and Southeast Asia): Rayehe Mozafarian, Iran

Stop FGM Iran


I grew up and work in Iran. When I started campaigning against FGM I had only one laptop and the support of my mother, and we have continuing problems with funding.   Every day, from when I wake up and answer my messages, I am busy.

I cannot leave or forget to work on this subject.  Sometimes I ask myself, why do you continue?  And I answer myself immediately, ‘No, you work hard to convince people that FGM is still happening in some parts of Iran. You should carry on and stand with all girls will become victims, and try to save them.’

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